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Before Dawn and Beyond (a short senryu series)

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draw back the curtains let me bask in the moonglow dancing in your eyes ~ stripped of all hindrance I’m drawn to your essence of beauty unadorned ~ altered meniscus concaved with voracious sips drenching my craving ~ within your … Continue reading


Random Senryu

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Waking You I rouse the dawn’s nascence like sunrise opens petals with cunning intent ~ billow of hindrance succumbs to the gravity of your arousal ~ you fan the smolder of the wee hours’ waning glow rekindling the blaze ~ … Continue reading


Not the Last in an Ongoing Series of Random 17 Syllables

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if all I offered was spilled ink of intentions would my dote suffice ~ syllabically I’ll caress every sentiment to culmination ~ no calculations tally the sublime facets to sway your desire ~ and to what degree will eternity fall … Continue reading


End of October’s New Random Seventeen Syllable Series

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Plausible cosmos awaiting discovery behind smiling eyes. ~ Words wend intending dampened response impending the spell well woven. ~ Beauty in darkness as wispy spectral hunger casts yearning shadows. ~ A dream’s fruition stirred by yearning brush of lips in … Continue reading


Yet Another Series of Non-Traditional, Unrelated Senryu Put in an Order That Kinda Makes Sense

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Grains pass through the glass as eager dunes wane and wax drifting in your winds ~ Laid at my feet, your every bare naked facet a future enthralled ~ Juxtaposed passions a contrast of preference clear are my leanings ~ … Continue reading

Sattelite (haiku)

Lips traipse aimless till

Olfactory gravity

Holds me in orbit




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This fissure is asylum some solace from the solemn. ~ Though the ineffable depth of her slow flowing beauty is hidden below the surface by the tremulous ripples of an insatiable appetite, I have swum these waters and am still … Continue reading

Humming Bird (haiku)

A breath of flutter

Hovers round dew drenched petals

Sipping at nectar

Naked (haiku)

Stripped of the veneer

Unadorned and unhindered

For wandering hands

Exclamations Point (haiku)

Stirring attentions

With your lusty intentions

Of subtle decline