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Spiraling Around the Block

translation pedestrian at best againImage

swift syllables scramble from my pen

a simple attempt to subtly bend

fast flowing thoughts to realities whim

art for art’s sake a means to an end

a mind’s twisted vision within lexis blends

and just out of reach the concept suspends

till coming to rest in the garbage again


Yet I Try

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dug dig depths drawn shallow breaths erased speechless unlimited lexis stripped to bare essence ineffable beyond immense muted prismatic concepts twisted bent circumvented ethics blistered fingers straining moonlight lingers waning yet I try still lacking sensible interpretation expressible dedication to … Continue reading


Another Run Around the Block

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drawn and quartered a half fragmented sunned and watered while remaining unplanted on even keel still slightly slanted unqualified to feel yet entirely enchanted perpetual motion within the stagnated suffering suffocation while being aerated total commotion of the extremely elated … Continue reading


Lost In Translation

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Experiencing slow disconnect from the concept while wielding words extracted from the intellect. Trying to form and fashion some sense from passion and translate devotion excluding emotion. ~ The blood beads from my forehead and trickles down in rivulets as … Continue reading