The Present’s Presence Presents

I fell into your presence,4843873172_2bd9d16325_z

not potential.

Mild turbulence

with the promise

of soft landings.

No flexibility necessary

when bent together forever,

beautifully twisted

Sacrifice left to lesser states

as we learn

that it was much more

than just the dust

that settled

in the decades of learning

what it wasn’t supposed to be

in those compromised expectations

and pursuit of the Jonses’

and the perceived ideal

of the other side’s sailing

on greener grass fantaseas.

WE now naturally flow

the orgasmic organic passion;

emotionally melded

and spiritually molded

by a faith in present placement.

No words necessary beyond LOVE

yet a cascade of acknowledgement

can’t go unspoken,

daily dripping from grateful lips

while a series of moments

accumulate to create

His river’s flow

of a lifetime

well lived

in love



3 responses to “The Present’s Presence Presents

  1. Yay!! Beautiful lived in love…you’ve got that right!!

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