Living in the Rift

The rain falls mainly on the campaign again

when friends may turn foe,

some face to end,

some toe to toe,

because of lines drawn.

The parties staked in the grass

of well manicured lawns

riddled with bare patches

from all the mud being slung.

Just the precursor to

the bell  being rung for round two

of pretzlesque twisted truths

taken twice out of context.

Meanings mangled due to pretext

and the pretense of those too tense

to have enough sense to keep their

fingers out of others’ faces

while in the second place,

the first place loser races

to reclaim their tact.

Hidden agendas

with funded addendums

riddled after the fact

with tiny little loopholes,

like perforations

imperceptible to the naked eye,

signed on the dotted line

and easily torn when the platform

is worn way too thin

by erosive, previously broken,

cyclic adopted promises

and the state of the state we’re in,

deemed irreparable by most,

is offered as the parting gift

to the next new host

of “Living in the Political Rift.”



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