The current continues to flow

regardless if it’s opposed.

Its progress vaguely slowed,

while divine nature is shown.


Why swim against the stream

or try to bend the wind,

visualize the unseen

or lament what has been?


Give legs to present pace!

Cast shadows in the light!

Accept your present place

and cease the senseless fight!


For now is reality

and while yesterday’s a dream,

tomorrow has yet to be

yet we loiter in between.


Whispers slip between fingers

so sing with a faithful voice.

Grasp, not letting life linger

lost in a lack of choice.


2 responses to “Downstream

  1. This poem is so sweet…letting go of the past and living in the NOW! Fabulously written Mr Dean 🙂

  2. Great imagery. “try to bend the wind” is great use of words. Thanks for sharing.

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