Random Senryu Strung Together from Feb.2012

ethereal you

define elusive fancy

confirm my mind’s eye


knowing you provides

a smile behind every sigh

of true contentment


firm organ fragile

compromised while falling in

reinforced when caught


in supreme union

the radiance of shared souls

lights the horizon


spoken in hushed tones

a soul echoes of  freedoms

otherwise silent


hearts beat in sync

a barometric tremble

sharing the same breath


given one moment

of life’s nectar, drink your fill

for eternal night


absolutes absent

passion prospers more within

random shades of grey


your silent approach

of tender surrender veils

fervent urgency


you longingly gaze

while yearning I meander

desires unspoken


in depth of presence

every subtle moan savored

when sipped from your lips


the shore kissed by waves

submits to the ebbs’ and flows’

fateful surrender


arched neck glistens as

howling musical apex

rewards aim’s intent


sea foam, like diamonds

sparkles in the wake behind

the crest of our love


lust is given life

as quill dips in the inkwell

spilling passion forth


©2012 poethereal


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