No Magic Fix

Beyond broken, she was shattered 

yet at the time that didn’t matter

because I felt my magic was fail proof

in this tragically imperfect un-truth.


A new project for me to tackle,

enormous gorge to fill with spackle,

ironclad walls that needed torn down,

a shrunken head to fit with a crown.


I liked her but…,that made me the ass

and another failure came to pass.

Against the grain my silent spells

cut into nots and on deaf ears fell.


This path was forged in the wrong direction

falling well short of targeted perfection.

Knowing now what I didn’t know then

I’ll never make these mistakes again.


Irreparable is exactly that,

no room for a fix or trimming of fat

So be sure love sticks with all your heart

or things will surely fall back apart.


2 responses to “No Magic Fix

  1. Scott you surpassed yourself with this verse. All I can say is I wish I had written this!

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