Another Unrelated Senryu String

our love

frozen in words penned

awaiting change of season

to melt hearts again


puzzling nuances

won’t hinder my marvel of

ineffable you


we reach for the stars

while dreaming tangible dreams

our eyes wide open


nestled in belief

of see-through veracity

wholly requited


a sole spark’s gamble

of inferno’s ignition

yields passion’s wild fire


lips gently flutter

as passion prepares for flight

its spreading of wings


swimming in your depths

diving for passion I find



suffused by the glow

from both above and below

wrapped in your passion


idle reverie

awakens phantom flutters

where your lips last kissed


the shameless night weeps

it’s innate tears for the moon

well beyond my dreams


In serene slumber

all sense of likely peril

succumbs to comfort


passing reminisce

a passage through graceful days

of brief completion

©2012 poethereal



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