you sing to me in effortless whispers

arias of forgotten tomorrows

resounding refrains of fading yesterdays

a pervading solo in a cappella


composing a unique completion

repeatedly taking my breath away

day after day newer than the last

without a need for punctuation


for the profound, exact  and inquiry

echo unbounded infinitely

nothing to indicate change of direction

but mild variations of inflection


swathed in comfort of reliance requited

I listen to your silent promises

sung melodic through interlocked lips

accompanied by strumming fingertips


for the first time grasping my own voice

while catching my breath in gasping sighs

I realize the song I hear is a duet

and we’re performing perfectly harmonized



image credit: James Arthur Ray, :


5 responses to “Harmonious

  1. Beautiful expression, Scott!

  2. Breathtaking poem … makes me feel I should definitely be committing more poetry to memory … the song of our hearts.

  3. Thank you Maya for stopping by and commenting so favorably. Greatly appreciated. And yes… We should all dig deep and write aesthetically poetic from the heart to contribute more beauty to the world through our words 🙂

  4. Existing together in harmony…it’s very comforting indeed 🙂

  5. I couldn’t wish for a better partner to complement this life’s duet

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