Liquid Resolution

Another revolution of resolution

white knuckling Einstein’s insanity

while clinging to resolve momentarily

with hopes of metamorphic constitution.


Again rejecting that haunting reflection

accepting the seven years for the mirror

rather than take one second to face the fear

that somehow justifies the rationalizations.


In this perpetual cycle of wanton glut

this torturous yearning, this ravenous need,

an insatiable hunger he just has to feed

and umbilical cord he can’t seem to cut,


the new calendar holds no inherent magic

in inevitable repetitions of that Eve

as Adam grasps the apple trying to believe

in miraculous dissipation of the tragic.


Yet tomorrow digs its way out of abasement

as yesterday’s head is still hanging low

and though the risen sun offers hope’s glow

he’ll never see it’s shine from his encasement.


One response to “Liquid Resolution

  1. I enjoy your works so much that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit this link to see the post,
    Thanks again for your amazing creations!

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