The True Gift

The tinsel and the lights just set the scene

the seasons essence shines within the heart.

For many folks the table will be lean

unless we all decide to do our part.


An extra coin can make a spirit bright

the smallest effort might just save a life

and bring a glimpse of hope into the light

for one whose life till now had been mere strife.


A simple smile or just an outstretched hand

a selfless gesture with no hope of gain

or letting someone know you understand

and want to do your part to help them change.


A grateful heart of faith will soon believe

by giving of ourselves love is received.


2 responses to “The True Gift

  1. I like it. Well expressed Christmas message that I hope I carry into Every day of my life

  2. Simple smiles speak volumes of love and I try to remember this daily. Another challenging poem for me

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