A heart unfurled, its surge conducts the way;

a beat to dance to, rhythms of a soul.

These winds blow gentle, sail their subtle sway

just trust the tides, surrender all control.


This fantasy is in the hands of fate.

Believe the dreams that come before you wake.

A consciousness behind your slumber’s gate,

the key exists in every chance you take.


On waves of passion, ride the crest to shore.

Abandon mind and body to the heart

and know that simple touch is so much more,

the whole, a compilation of its parts.


With faith we come to find that there’s a plan

we have to just believe, not understand.~


4 responses to “Surge

  1. Your words flow like the waves. Love this one.

  2. We do have to believe, not understand… but to trust in THE plan 🙂

  3. Trust as vast, alive and constantly in motion as is the sea. This is what your words bring to mind. Lovely word choice, mighty metaphor and a flow as natural as the neap and ebb of tides; wonderfuloem.

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