A bit corny, and the kernel didn’t pop too far.

I stare backwards in amaizement at a mirror

of past facets passed on perhaps for worse.

This blessing a curse of nurture versus nature

and just maybe making a difference in this

by creating a rift or a chink in pre-existing chains.


Refraining from singing the same old refrain

over again, and would otherwise be remiss

to neglect the respect given in this gift

so freely to me of unconditional liberty,

by simply removing my self from the center

and acknowledging a suitable replacement.


The one meant from inception to rule golden.

Molding the clay and breaking the bars

without taking shots at character judged,

and I, not budging in posture as I foster,

offer,  although nowhere near perfect,

an ample circumspect  example of love.


That which I most long to see in this life,

free from the strife of the precedent s set.

So when I look down and see me, a free me,

with a beam of confidence behind bright eyes

and a smile of comfortable self acceptance

I realize that there is hope for better days

of grace as the sun shines on my son’s face.


2 responses to “Interrupted

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Amy 🙂 I appreciate your continued support.

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