feeling this flutter

and lost in between

the answer to calling

and stitching up seams


smitten is fitting

or bitten or struck

might be that I’m falling

and don’t want to get up


stripped to my essence

completely exposed

and though you can see me

you still want to know


surrendered to comfort

and sliding in place

pace slow and steady

it’s a dance not a race


cant see a finish line

destination unknown

aware of potential

in everything shown


risen to the surface

and brought into light

with a chance to grow stronger

when doing what’s right


though meager beginnings

this is truly how I feel

and don’t doubt for one second

that this is all real



One response to “Flutter

  1. The heavens open and sing with joy knowing two souls who were created for each other finally met their mate! One of my favorites…still 🙂

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