Let Me Be the One

If a prince is what you want,

kiss this frog and let me be the one.

Make your escape from the tower.

Leap and fall into my embrace

while I lasso a white stallion

from the vapors and make it valid,

and together we will drift off,

not leaving the slightest trace.


As the sky falls into darkness

let me be the first star you see.

Traipse this wish through the heavens,

the moon our destination.

Dangle your dreams on trajectories

of orbits unforeseen

leaving this world behind,

its gravity… imagination.


Let me be the one

to make your past inconsequential;

whisk away the sorrow

with a single simple kiss,

topple towers of doubt

with a promise of tomorrow,

and replace the fleeting disgrace

with a lasting passionate bliss.


art credit: Dorothy Lathrop


4 responses to “Let Me Be the One

  1. any woman would be very lucky indeed to have this written for them… i knew that feeling once upon a time.

    your words are always exquisite.

  2. All part of the Master Plan…..:)

  3. and all we have to do is just stop swimming against the current, go with the flow and let His plan unfold

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