Yet Another Series of Non-Traditional, Unrelated Senryu Put in an Order That Kinda Makes Sense

Grains pass through the glass

as eager dunes wane and wax

drifting in your winds


Laid at my feet, your

every bare naked facet

a future enthralled


Juxtaposed passions

a contrast of preference

clear are my leanings


Those lips show and tell

by quiver kissing whispers

feminine prowess


My focus revolves

Satellite round supple orbs

Burned in reentry


Your midnight garden

beckons roots furrow pruning

leaves snipped petals bore


Thorns well worth the risk

in the prospect to nuzzle

velvety petals


Succulent petals

splay eager in welcoming



Falling together

engorged rhythms synchronize

as dreams grow entwined


Cascade of moon glow

on sheets, spills dancing shadows

in puddled passion


The rage of exchange

Passion’s energy passing

Through this frenzied dance


Sate placidly lulled

by ocean’s encompassed calm

drifting dreams woven


Lips left lingering

The place where your head last lay

A trail of breadcrumbs


In lonesome shadows

the static of your last touch

kindles a new flame


I find myself splayed

by incisions of your gaze


art credit; the Passion by Richard R. Young


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