Course set destinations unknown

excluding the journey  itself

seafarers of immaculate intention

sail, unquestioning of the captains

unblemished reputation.


Sailing on the prevailing currents of promise

with a hull of unchallenged buoyancy;

unencumbered by any previous gravity

and independent of the winds

of many sequestered yesterdays.


This crossing offers poetic freedom,

a sanguine intermingling of ardor,

answers beyond a sense of need,

desires anchored in a safe harbor

as ebbing tides flow out to sea.


Passionate waves roll and crest

emitting the prismatic spray

of an undulated appetite

within a spume of childlike virtue

offering an assurance of restraint.


Tacking back and forth twixt foreign shores

with a zest for the exotic.

Sextant set on experimental

as the needle spins chaotic

in this mystifying triangle.


Calm seas can’t fashion able sailors

as ships of passion aren’t designed for port,

and smooth sailing isn’t always required

for, with devotion, one can weather any storm

anchor pulled and adrift on what might transpire.


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