A resonance of possibilities

rises from hopeful luxury

through the murky mire

of past precedents.


Exposed on the surface,

a now tangible facet

of a dream’s realization

makes its escape

from the mountain

of escalating failures.


Reflecting optimistic

possibilities as an inspiration

of a once unattainable

misperceived ideal;

now become

a blazing beacon.


This vision of dreamscape,

though vaporous by nature,

is grasped now expectantly

with a transformed vitality

towards a reborn reality.


5 responses to “Reborn

  1. Fantastic Scott , as usual, that pic is beautiful also! Hope all is going good fir you!

  2. This poem moved me. I love the sanguinity and certainty that your words portray.

  3. This is interesting. It is hopeful and uplifting but somehow it a cautious calculated way. I feel like ant trying to move a rubber tree plant 🙂

  4. Wow, what a feeling to break free and realize there is hope. You nailed the feeling in this poem and your words always inspire me to move forward… to the reborn reality.

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