Lost In Translation


slow disconnect

from the concept

while wielding words

extracted from the intellect.

Trying to form and fashion

some sense from passion

and translate devotion

excluding emotion.


The blood beads

from my forehead

and trickles down

in rivulets

as I painstakingly labor

to bend the words

to my behest;

deciphering the ideals

swimming solely in dialect

till at last

in frustrated introspect

I begrudgingly surrender

to the inevitably ineffable.


Only then, in the end,

when once again

I pick up the pen

and allow the words

to flow from my soul,

is the masterpiece is birthed

which will slowly unfold.


One response to “Lost In Translation

  1. Always find this to be true. Just read this quote of Deepak Chopra yesterday:
    Human advancement always comes through ideas, inspiration, and desire. These occur spontaneously; there is no amount of work that can force inspiration, or desire, or even consistently good ideas.

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