A static response

to the incessant clatter

of crumbling dreams

as darkness pervades

the periphery

of all that’s left

of a clouded vision.


Once led to believe

in ever after merrily

fairy tale happiness,

when content is all

that can be expected

or even hoped for

till the director yells “CUT”.


No strings attached

gets twisted into the “not”

of a hangman’s noose;

loose fitting at first

till affairs of the heart

throttle wholeheartedly

while slowly tearing  apart.


These tears we wear,

trickling accoutrements

in the forlorn fashion

of passions passed

as organically as the seasons;

reasons without treason,

though not often the case.


And when face to face,

these unheeded grains of salt,

in re-union romancing

of the supposed ever-lasting,

re-crystallize as pillars

leaving the Lot of them

still wondering why.


3 responses to “Sodom

  1. nice play on “Lot” …. i always thought the wife got a bum rap on that. after all, Lot was the one that screamed “take my wife and daughter! (for their sexual acts) take them and leave me be!” course am paraphrasing … was something like that. i like the idea of “strings attached” being transformed to the hangman’s noose.

  2. So much of my life in these stanzas. I especially like, whilst checking my neck,
    “No strings attached

    gets twisted into the “not”

    of a hangman’s noose;”

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