Challenged by the demons to stand tall and fight

forced to face the things that go bump in the night.

Around every corner another obstacle appears

which somehow accentuates preexisting fears.


One by one all of hope’s snowflakes melt

as the dragon breathes in all the new feelings felt.

The soothsayer’s seen all that’s once been foretold

and the sorcerer Irotas shakes off the cold.


Through gates of the kingdom the sword had been marched

and an aged golden chalice offered drink to the parched.

The crown though worn thin rides high on the head

of a boy in a sandbox who’s otherwise dead.


The castle constructed with a scepter and pail

designed from the onset to crumble and fail.

The shackles that bound me though lacking a key

were self imposed prisons created by me.



3 responses to “Shackled

  1. I simply can not praise this enough; so I won’t try. Let me just say that one has to have a lot of confidence and talent to use an old cliche (things that go bump in the night) and make it appear new by surrounding it with such excellent word selection, rhythm and flow. Bravo!

  2. Ronald, Thank you so much for your well appreciated emphatic accolades.

  3. Hang in there and fight those demons. I love knowing that “i’ve got your back” and you you’ve got mine.

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