Organically Tangential

Be it extreme focus

or absolute distraction,

the sashay of you

batting lashes

like traps

over infinite depths

in which I find myself

falling endlessly

toward the gravity

of your essence,

staggers me




Lips twist perspective


while tangential detours

bypass around again

and hands meandering

find places to rest

as the expressions

painted on faces

from the palette of you

organically traced

as masterpieces

framed fluid in passing.


Grasping at glimpses

of potential promise

bursting into bloom

as petals unfold

holding earnest

the first hope last,

and just as quickly

quiver withering

apprehensively breaching

yet once again reaching

with new shoots

and fresh buds

of inevitable truths


One response to “Organically Tangential

  1. Judy Sanderson


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