Captured (acrostic)

Something about you is gravitational

Exquisite beauty that I can’t resist

Directional affection is taking its toll

Under the impression that for you I exist

Couldn’t break free even if I wanted

Every fleeting thought revolves around you

Discreetly you’ve stolen moments uncounted

By rending my senses completely unglued

Your eyes have captured absolute attention

Your kiss has me wrapped around your finger

Over and over regardless of intention

Unable to leave with no choice but to linger



2 responses to “Captured (acrostic)

  1. interesting and unusual poetry, feels geometric at times… 🙂 – loads of dimmension – subscribed already – best regards, el

  2. Thank you and welcome. Geometric is a new adjective for me. Never really looked at it that way, but if my words can form mental mandalas for the reader, that is indeed a compliment 🙂

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