Book Judged (in 2 voices)

Elbows incorrectly calloused

Pockets jingling a bit too much

Indelible artwork improperly framed

Overly adorned with baubles and such

Neckline mistaken for shades of crimson

Transport donning unacceptable symbols

The wrong side of the tracks is there for livin’

And the red flags are flying, brash haughty signals

Admittedly it’s a worn and slightly torn soft cover edition

But the main character’s character is honest and respectable

So if what you find inside your embossed hard cover is perdition

Though the library is open, books returned will wind up on someone else’s table


hangin with the wrong folk

coin rich only way too broke

showin skin scribbled with tattoos

wearin a necklace and an earring too

gettin accused of bein some kind of red neck

instead of sportin a Benz I show up in a work truck

my kinfolk have been raised in the wrong part of town

and I shoulda seen this comin up from all the puttin down

this book may have a kinda rough around the edges soft cover

but what’s been written its pages is an honest and faithful lover

so when your country club dreamboat turns out to be a adulterer

chances are that this book’s been picked up to be perused by another


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