That Something

You walked through my periphery

Unscathed by the time spent on the front line

Wearing your weary unnoticeably

Behind a veil of extraordinary beauty


Ever present in your prescience

Of life’s unrealistic expectations

And taking every stride one step ahead

With head held high slightly cocked to the side


Unburdened by your past

But well aware and a bit wary

Of a history worn as a loose fitting garment

Adorned and oozing of je ne sais quoi


Your blues are an aspect of attraction

An undeniable gravity mysterious

Reeling me in by my senses

And leaving me utterly breathless


In the throes of a need to know basis

Exactly what that something is

If only for a brief flash of stasis

To experience that unexplainable essence

This moth will burn in your flame

And I don’t even know your name


4 responses to “That Something

  1. This poem is intriguing.

  2. does the moth need to know the flame’s name in order to throw itself into it? 🙂

  3. Not necessarily, but it makes conversation thereafter a bit easier Liliana 🙂

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