Sitting in this extinguished state

Flameless and tame beyond broken

The earth has been salted

In this vacant infertile vault

Where worthless words

Need not be spoken

These tragically static dreams

Atonal and monochrome

Infiltrate in recurring facets

Having now replaced

The once stalwart conviction

What happened to the Technicolor aspects

Who misplaced the prolific façade

When was the bloodbath of the butterflies

Shallow breath and a faint heartbeat

The only remnants of a fading hope

Behind these lifeless eyes

With this limping smile

Hiding a sutured tongue

In an attempt to become one

With this silent disparaging absence

Yet without the steadfast faith

What is left to believe in

Why does nothing aptly fit this void

When will the trickle of emptiness

Eroding this chasm be erased

And why should I even care

About what is no longer there

Or was it ever in the first place


3 responses to “Why?

  1. Deepia Chand Marwah

    lovely, pierces right thru….

  2. i don’t want to read you. i cannot stop myself and i make myself a little crazy.

    your words knock my socks off as they always do. dammit.

  3. It rocks as always!

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