In the Periphery

In the periphery of the maelstrom

As spectator to the folly

Of all the excessive intensity

Lacking any sense of justified reason

And unseasonably turbulent

Time spent this way cyclically blinded

Behind the eight ball as martyr

And the harder it gets the easier it seems

Between the lines and on the fence

Nonsensically rationalizing

While constantly sizing up situations

And relations tossed to the wayside

Losing stride while under the weight

Of waiting for things to slam into place

Ungracefully forcing will lacking power

The shower becoming a torrent pouring

And more of the same as the gales

Of incessant fail destroy the landscape

And escape seems hopelessly distant

Because in an instant everything collapses

As misfiring synapses and lapses of rationale

Corral the remaining sane thoughts

Fraught with muddled delusion

And confusion lacking in facts

Impacting all decisions made

While this tirade spins out of control

The whole thing’s a great big fucking mess

And I’m powerless in the periphery


One response to “In the Periphery

  1. VERY powerful. moved me to tears. as always i’m in awe of your words poet.

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