We take our time; time takes our we

Though time came and passed to take a knee

The arrow sent had pierced to bluff

For sometimes love is not enough


An errant errand target missed

The archer mystified by Eros’ kiss

Appeared in apparel of lofty intentions

Parted dirty laundry with honorable mentions


The singers shake off their dusty tunes

Excavated from aged musty tombs

And serenade just out of key

Of lovers mislaid serendipity


The dancers dance off rhythm recitals

Steeped in a sway of non-requital

As the jester tells his tales of love lost

And retrievals sought at any cost


But sometimes goodbyes fall and scatter dust

Best left where they lie to die and rust

The gold plated crowns of queens and kings

Are sometimes nothing more than just things


Kingdoms fall for many real reasons

Pride, lack of stride or just change of seasons

When too much dereliction leaves one bereft

Deferential valediction is the only thing left


4 responses to “Valediction

  1. Well composed ode to the nature of love and lovers. I know that feeling of “no reason, it just happened”

  2. Marlene Boelaert

    Well said Scott, sometimes love comes just like that for no reason at all and sometimes it just doesn’t end like you woul have it ….it just happened I guess to learn…..

  3. Well written poetry. I love the 5th stanza the most. All in all a great piece depicting some of loves less postive moments. I have to say I have endured alot of these “just happen moments” in my life. Now, I don’t even wonder why because I gave my best and thats all thats required. Its on the other person if I now I did no harm. Nice work Scott.

  4. Really liked this, so true, well written and thought about. True, true best to say goodbye…!

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