Adrenaline Perspective

In a groove gliding pavement passing slowly under

Methodic rise and fall of the day’s stress drifting

A short-cut through Main late aimed wrong

Seven street corner shadows hangin’ loose

Hopin’ to break even with their habits

Maybe an easy hustle but no luck here

On my own mindin’ it also I pass in no hurry

Shuffle scuffle shout, “Sic…something”

Turn to see the tussled mange gnashing yellow teeth

Foot over foot like clockwork I went

The pit bull’s breath like stale death on my heels

Through the gears my fears slowly slip behind

As the rush of adrenaline hits my mind

And I carry on as the fading laughter

In the nasty black night of the city streets

Reminds me where I am

(another one from ’91)


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