Dark Blues

The once affirmative voices

That showed me how to live again

Are now slowly being stifled

By the choices that want me dead

That diminutive whisper

Once offering hope for the future

Drowned out now by the screaming static

Of a resonating failure

And again another fleeting

Not so chance meeting

A piece of serendipity

That was never really meant to be

One more incidental bit of we

With the end result of simply me

And all I see is cyclic sickness

Engulfing me with rampant quickness

Irresistibly insuppressible

The demise of romance inevitable

Seeking  comfort in the chaos

And loss after loss the numbers mount

Having lost count so long ago

That now it’s the same game

Over and over again

With the only constant change

Being a different face

And maybe a new name

And the pace is always the same

Slowly walking hand in hand

Till once again the time comes

For another one to up and run

Into someone else’s arms

Leaving me with my irreparable heart

And a little less disarmed


3 responses to “Dark Blues

  1. I feel for your brother, and it is a rough time. Amazing work just the same and you keep creaking out the muse

  2. its not all bad, especially if this amazing poem came from it. the good thing about hurt, pain, depair… we can all relate. connecting to people… isn’t that what its all about. keep writing, you have a great talent!

  3. With God’s help (and time) everything is repaired….He has the perfect plan JUST for you 🙂

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