A Different Shade of Blue

The rhythm has changed

That swagger in my step

Has somehow been replaced

By a slow steady shuffle

The tempo rearranged

With those once crisp clean notes

Now somehow slightly muffled

And from the corner of the room

In the corner of my ear

I hear the same sad refrain

Sung by a different voice

And I have no choice but to listen

As I try to catch the sway

Dancing by myself for this one

That damn song continues to play

On and on and on

But I can’t make it go away

Cause I’m clean outta quarters

And it seems that Muddy Waters

Is the only flow in the place

So when  I finally decide

That I don’t have to stay

I make my way down the street

Trying to find my beat

My song

Joint to joint

One by one

Day by day


I hope it don’t take too long


12 responses to “A Different Shade of Blue

  1. Paula Moxley

    First off, with my smartassed, inquisitive mind, I thought is that like a ‘Whiter shade of pale” (one of my all time faves)
    I really liked this one, Scott. The only thing I may interject is instead of ‘the pace, rearranged’ , because of the musical theme, I would suggest, ‘the tempo rearranged”. Not that I have any room to say anything, lol. Just sayin’
    = )

  2. ♥ u Scott. Hang in there.

  3. wow..
    elegant work..

  4. Scott, this is really really good, written like a true blues man and reminds me of some of my own work and Rons as well. The last 6 lines where the bluesiest of them all. Great poetry my friend. Hang in there…

  5. fluent alacrity

    Brilliant. So sweepingly sad. Yet achingly hopeful. You are a powerfilled poet.

  6. Ditto Paula. Well done. Very well done, Scott.

  7. Sad and hurt my heart to have to listen to something that takes you back in a time you don’t want to remember. Well written very true

  8. Beautifully done…Love the title. Great.

    • I’ve read some of yours and enjoyed them a great deal. You have a wonderful flow and control of your verbiage. I think, based on some of your work, you might enjoy Darker Blue as well. Thanks for reading and responding. You have a great blog!

  9. Words of wisdom build the chorus,
    averting crisis step by step,
    hang in there, find your niche,
    for hope prevails in every shade.

  10. I hear a different tune being sung these days…and I for one am grateful. Not for the heartwrenching tunes we both have heard in the past but for the lessons we learned about appreciating different genres.

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