Past Passions Present

Letting past passions pass to the wayside

We find ourselves lacking in this aspect of life

Vacant spaces now left in the places

Where the previous fun once resided

Pastimes slide aside and slip between the cracks

Slack to the forefront as zeal takes a back seat

The real things that mattered once, suffer defeat

As deceit completely masks the side swipe attack

Time to take the time back and find out where it went

Although the time spent pacing was not necessarily wasted

Variety spicing life we forget what we’ve already tasted

Yet when ready to finally face it, we find it an investment

A true testament to freely seizing the day

Is the way we behave in the times of inaction

When we retrieve our waylaid sources of satisfaction

And  let things simply happen instead of forcing our way


One response to “Past Passions Present

  1. Scary to do. NOT forcing our way is the only way to know that our higher power is in control NOT us.

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