Alone and skipping stones across the ocean

Relying on a nonexistent current

Every failure a little further broken

The saline is now raining down in torrents


Temporarily enraptured by phantoms

Repeatedly captured in this fantasy

Though the sirens summon to the fathoms

Faith is maintained that THIS has to be


Remnants of the muted beating token

Sinking and slowly drifting to the depths

Despair’s omnipresence goes unspoken

Yet resonates in every passing breath


Hapless and hopeless the effort’s repeated

Till a day when the shore is free of stones

Only then will he finally be defeated

And find peace in his surrender all alone


2 responses to “Skipping

  1. i so get this… you are magnificent minded and brilliantly endowed with the gift of the pen … i am so enthralled with you and your words my love ❤

  2. Brilliant.. I love this line “Despair’s omnipresence goes unspoken”

    Cheers~~~~ Jen

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