All In

Erasing all of the conclusions I’ve drawn

While coloring in all of the blanks

Cashing out and counting up the losses

Marking the credit column with indelible ink


Not leaving any answers unanswered

Eliminating the conjecture and speculation

Ignoring all the questionable questions

Disallowing any sway by the uncertain


Going down fast while going all in

Feigning my poker face while forcing the bluff

Lacking confidence in the cards that I’m playing

Trusting that chance this time will be just enough


There’s no knowing now what’s in the unknown

When gambling absolutely nothing’s guaranteed

I’ve just gotta hold this hand through the round

The next deal might give me the cards I need


One response to “All In

  1. Great write, you’re so right about it all…There’s no knowing now what’s in the unknown! Enjoyed reading this masterpiece!

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