The Nature of Nurture

Terror is not a parenting tool

you’ll never force respect

expecting clenched teeth and yelling

and a swelling of the chest

turning red with veins distended

ending every sentence

emphasized with an expletive

to be anything but

repetitive patterns

handed down from generation

to generation never ending

bending self images into twisted

fist clenching reactionary

creating insecurity

unsure in this stagnation

elation as an unattainable state

fated to be repeated

in heated inflexible fashion.


Affection can’t be held for ransom

a handsome price to pay

when you say to a child

I’ll love you if and when

again you’re able to maintain

or refrain from or whatever suits

the present situation

irrefutable is the truth

that confidence needs nurtured

and further more is dependent

on a parent who is loving

and above all else supportive

and giving, living as example

with ample praise and accolades

gestures made such as hugs and kisses

not missing any chances

for a pat on the back

or  an “Atta boy, you did your best”

will surely go a long way.


A child needs a childhood

it’s good to play and get away

with saying silly things

and singing made up songs

in the wrong key

just being and allowed to be

learning from their own mistakes

taking chances, testing boundaries

grounded in their own reality

finding personal identity

free to color outside of life’s lines

without reprimand

demanding that they grow up

and show up to adulthood

faster than they really should.


It could just be that one day

not too terribly far away

you may just need their patience

assistance love and care

and their apparent availability

inevitably will be reliant

on the pliant nature

of your nurture in the past

and at last your future

because of your own doing

might just show up

to bite you in the ass.


One response to “The Nature of Nurture

  1. I could feel the emotion as I read your words. A bit of a rollercoaster but oh so obviously true.

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