When donning the stigmata

you’ll need a shot for tetanus

because the years have not been kind

to this once potent crucifix

neglected and weathered

affected by the elements

worn and splintered

into termite infested factions

work gloves a necessity

and maybe a fumigation

for the rest of the story

translated largely in hypocrisy

has been so utterly twisted

to accommodate the hierarchy’s

hidden agendas as insisted

both real and imaginary

mostly so implausible

that the once holy trinity

has now become a binary

black and white absolutes

lacking heaven in this hell

with no proof to refute

creating such a need to compel

that the previous pinch of salt

now such a mountainous pile

that the truth is shrouded in its vault

and nothing grows for miles

the once resolute golden rule

has somehow become so tarnished

that do unto others

had to be spit-shined to a varnish

but because of the concept

an eye for an eye

the world is too blind to see this

and we are all just expected

to simply lie down

and obliviously believe this


2 responses to “A-Stigmata-tism

  1. extraordinarily thought provoking – brilliant – just my cup of tea – your words amaze me sir 🙂

  2. “the once holy trinity
    has now become a binary
    black and white absolutes”
    if only for those lines and this poem would be a favorite, but it’s beautifully penned in its entirety!

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