Desirable ground

though not so common we’ve found

comfort in the kinks.

These similar interests

that you and I share

the subtle twists

in our inter-relational trysts

involving bound wrists and outfits

that we wear

in role play

when we two play

in our fore play

the way we appease

by teasing

agonizingly pleasing

without the need

for the thank yous

and the pleases

taking turns on our knees

and your needing

my kneading

attention paid

to those places

as a change in the pace

and the look on your face

to face me then turning

to offer new angles in

entangled limbs

and a slight strangulation

without a fight to exhibit

the trust that must exist

in this for the true treasure

of our pleasure to be exposed

in our unlocked chests

baring hearts of gold

fueling our bold actions

of physical attraction

behind closed doors

and the varying levels

of impropriety

you’re willing to try with me

to reach satiety

each to the other

in an endless variety

of slap and tickle

and meeting in the middle.


2 responses to “Kinks

  1. Scott,
    You handled a controversial theme with just the right blend of eroticism and tenderness. I like how you included trust as an essential ingredient. Hot!

  2. Wowing your readership yet again! I love this, very much. Amusing and titillating wordplay, almost like you thrust the wonderful words into the intricate positions and postures that this work alludes to 🙂 purrrrr-fection! 🙂

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