Scar Tissue

Your scorching force of hatred

has cauterized this sacred organ;

the bleeding stanched and the fissure fused

before a break could occur again.

Your astringent rage has saved my soul.

These indistinguishable remnants charred

on the surface yet beating still below

remain intact but sterile and hardened.

Every effort to annihilate, protects

as the very thought of pacification

in this, the survival of the fittest,

stimulates self preservation.

Residual resentment spoon fed for years

indulged with tears and engorged anew

as darkness grew lighter in passing fears

casting shadows enhancing the view.

An essential necessity is born from this

ripping itself from the nurturing womb

with a need to feed on substance and bliss

and beat its rhythms free from its tomb.

Peeling back the layers of scar tissue

exposing an essence new, tender and raw

to the same world where it suffered its abuse

yet remaining unbiased to all  its flaws.


2 responses to “Scar Tissue

  1. beautiful darling

  2. powerfully deep, finding light in a disturbing darkeness

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