Opened eyes open minds open hearts

When across the miles again we part

And realize that the slightest start

Was made when hand first touched hand

We understand as we dance this dance

That time will offer chance after chance

For us to be new all over again

To renew as lovers and begin as friends

The way we did when happenstance

Helped hearts to mend and minds to bend

To believe in love as a desirable state

Which is as much of a choice as an act of fate

An effortless bond for two to create

Requiring much faith to perpetuate

So take my hand and walk with me

Side by side in sun, sand and sea

And see how serene our lives can be

With you and I combined as we


3 responses to “Open

  1. i will walk with you a thousand miles
    through the tears and the smiles
    just to sojourn this road with love
    gift of poetic with a velvet glove
    yet hard as though the path may be
    i always want you here with me.

    i love you

    your words still take my breath away

  2. Well written hearfelt poetry, thats what love will do. Enjoyed this..

  3. Another good poem descibing love…effortless

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