The small towns always disappear

Slowly fading off in the distance

A distraction in the dissonance

As they gradually pass by the glass

Surely they were something once

Before their crumble under finance

Dim randomly scattered streetlights

Lacking any sense of semblance

How many businesses disintegrated

Rattled apart by the passing clatter

Of time as it ticked away on the tracks

Rolling off through greener pastures

How many first kisses were missed

From the movie theater’s foreclosure

As the future’s dreams collapsed

By cutbacks in teachers and classes

Streets in disrepair long left neglected

As if it weren’t a bumpy ride already

The local bar the proxy pharmacy

A thriving industry of stifling pain

These are just a few random thoughts

As I leave one small town for another

In hopes of finding a place to hang my hat

Rolling down the tracks on the midnight train


One response to “Towns

  1. beautiful imagery vivid painting of a death… of a town

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