Subtly Captured

Subtly captured

From a distance enraptured

Encapsulated in the elation

Of this stationary ebb and flow

The heart of the matter

Resistance surrendered

Replaced with adoration

Illuminated in the afterglow

Exposed in true essence

By two souls’ incandescence

A willingness to acquiesce

To a mutual transcendence

Of  patience defeating

Both distance and time

Striving to ascend

To convene in the sublime

Once never dreamed

Achieves fruition

Happily ever after

No longer a suspicion


2 responses to “Subtly Captured

  1. A year ago
    a dream
    i never thought possible
    throughout it all
    you’ve been a constant
    in my heart and mind
    my love of all time
    and i’m so glad
    that you … are mine.

    i love you.

    (absolute perfection as usual my poet)

  2. Okay, I can’t say “absolute perfection” because ..hey, I’m not wearing your engagement ring. So I am more objective. I can be harsh enough to say “a superb and superior piece of work”. And I don’t have a bias. Not only is it well written but the vocabulary used is just plain fun to recite aloud.

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