Show Me You

Show me the you I want to see

Not the you that you want  to be

But the true all the way through

Leaving  nothing to refute

From exquisite beginning

The absolute truth

To the tender end

My lover my friend

Send me your messages

Of recurring assurance

Accentuate every strength

Expose every weakness

Who you’ve been makes you

Your past can’t be taken

Allow me a walk through

Of all your life’s occasions

Every last memory

All your hopes and dreams

What happy causes laughter

What fears make you scream

From the beginning

To what comes after

And everything in between

I want to know all of you

And not miss one thing

Trust that my love for you

Needs no protection

It will maintain momentum

In its present direction

Nothing you say to me

Will shy me away

I’m not stuck but I stick

And I’m here to stay

Together forever

The way it’s meant to be

You show me you

And I’ll show you me


2 responses to “Show Me You

  1. always

    me for you
    you for me




    i love you my Mister. my poet. my heart.

  2. It is scary…. this thing called vulnerability.

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