Dream Loop

It was one of those days

Where the blacks and whites

Far outweighed the grays

And it took me that long

To get from there to here

Although the short cut

Looped around the long way

The wrong way it seemed

The way I’d been warned about

And try as I might the night

Came along way too soon

The moon though a sliver

Glowed silver casting hope

Over the path back to the place

Where all beginnings ended

The place I called home

For lack of anything better to call it

And when I finally arrived

No one was there waiting for me

And I knew that it was

For all intents and purposes

Exactly where I needed to be

So I laid my head down and slept

And hoped the dreams would come

And take me there to try again.


One response to “Dream Loop

  1. Simply flowing
    glowing with the courage
    to try again another day
    despite the night
    frightening in its aura
    flora still thrives … in the dark.

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