Way Too Tence, Kid

Degrading condescension

veiled behind eloquence,

fortunately for all of us

we can’t tell the difference.

For the complete lack

of self deference

displayed as false confidence

when you rip your zipper

strip your pants

and whip out

your huge intelligence.

Quotients play no part in this

and I can sense your hesitance

cause while my motion is staggering

you’re stagnant in your suffering

sitting on the fence

as a self indulgent malcontent,

it seems to make no sense

why you can’t practice reticence.

Hence, you blame and slander

and instead of wander off

to greener pastures

you’d rather lament the loss

of what you limped lamely after

before it was ever yours

and, of course,

now the fault falls on others

as you wallow in your d’ruthers

in a tantrum so intense

you intentionally incense

those whose intent

was not malevolence.

I guess your last resort,

what’s seen as a reasonable retort,

is an unabashed brash lashing

and I understand fully,

that what hasn’t

come out in the wash

is not so bully, bully.


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