The Darkness

Staggering hunched, down the darkened streets

Tremulous hands shoved in a pocketful of dimes

Broken lights casting desolation in their deficit

Creating vacant sight, listless in his hopelessness

In the distance a tethered bitch howls of depravity

As skeletal street cats scuttle after emaciated rats

The wind rattles empty beer cans in the alleyway

While his hastened pace takes him still further away

And tomorrow is liable to offer more of the same


2 responses to “The Darkness

  1. I love the errie tone, and your word choices. The message is clear and ya know those times where like a horror story. I have written a few similar. Great job Scott and your blog is packed full of great poetry….

  2. Thanks again Carlus. Your support and experience has helped me grow exponentially over the 7 months that I’ve been writing again and reading your wonderful words and getting your feedback.

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