Wings granted in grace

but disgraced through misuse.

Abused, not rightfully used

to soar, but only to flutter

just under the radar.

Enough is just enough,

distracted by our lack of dreams;

a satiety in mediocrity.

Hardly striving, barely surviving

and arriving about on time

in this, our flight of not so fancy.

Landing without any answers

to the unasked questions.

Why try when it’s just as easy

to slide right into the middle

of the extremely mean

while bouncing off the average

of the medium sized median.

Human beings without doing

living in a decorated rut;

trusting too much in our gut.

Lifting without the leverage

of believing that potential

is inconsequential without action

and the traction of satisfaction

is unachievable and unbelievable

without the molting dreams

to prepare the atrophied wings

for their flight to greater heights

to achieve their place of grace

and rise to grab the prize

from the mind behind the eyes

which are just now learning to see

beyond this mundane reality

where the common state of mediocrity

is not necessarily where we’re meant to be.

Now is the time to fly



2 responses to “Above

  1. This is absolutely brill.. You have an amazing insight that you spin into a gasping write.. I am very much drawn to this piece, thank you..

  2. This stands inside the questions and speaks beautifully.

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