Distracted by the subliminal static

crackling just underneath the surface

as an uncomfortably buzzing white noise

in common communications between us.

Levels of mild stress can be sensed

or perhaps just poorly perceived

as messages are mixed in translation

and interpretations are feebly received.

This unseen wedge has been driven, splitting us

now found separated by this dissonance;

yet discernible rhythms are still attainable

with one step towards the middle, closing the distance.

Do we trust what we mutually represent

in this unique presence shared together

or has this routine now grown so subdued

as to hinder our mutual reception forever?


2 responses to “Static

  1. Nice work. I think you might enjoy a visit at Charles if you haven’t discovered him yet.

    Poem on …

  2. Thanks for the nudge in his direction. I really enjoy his political slant. Look forward to reading more from the both of you.

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