In the Middle

You look at me come hitherly

And I respond quite hastily

For another opportunity

To see how well you fit on me

Rushing forth we meet in the middle

Mashing with tongue lashing kisses

While trembling fingers fumbling we fiddle

With clasps latches buckles and zippers

Both hastily shedding every last stitch

Hands wandering to find fast reaction

Mutually arriving to scratch the others’ itch

While striving to provide satisfaction

Yearning we burn, as you hunger, I thirst

And we situate ourselves accordingly

Equally much too voracious to take turns

We slake our appetites simultaneously

Quite sated, tongues tired, at last we need heat

So we meet hip to hip and face to face

The incendiary contrivance is finally complete

As all the frictionary pieces fall into place

You beg for a leg up, this position not pleasing

And when it comes to your desires I’m quite willing

Though at first I thought this new angle just teasing

Your smile assures me it is slightly more filling

My pace is controlled by your moans and your sighs

Your response seems attached to my torso

Rotation and penetration the result of your eyes

When closed or rolled back my reaction’s more so

Then your legs wrap me tight and your nails in my back

You scream my name as you shutter and gush

This pushes me to the point of no turning back

As I deeply thrust in completely and flush

Together we collapse with whimpers and gasps

Extremely pleased with the passion we’ve got

Glistening in sweat, legs entwined and hands clasped

Drifting off blissfully sharing the wet spot


5 responses to “In the Middle

  1. Well penned. Reminds me of days gone by and a few yet to come. Heated and passion filled as such a verse should be. You presented an image so vivid I felt almost voyueristic.

  2. love, love, love it…. the wet spot. Cute reference to something the non-poet types, like myself, might overlook.

  3. Thanks Angel! Always glad to shine a light on the inevitable sticky aftermath of a successful romantic romp ;~)

  4. Wow, what an imagination

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