Arising from the fire

of an exacted retribution

once torn to pieces

now intact by the fusion

of a flame fueled

by the names of the perpetrator

and her collaborators

in this heinous annihilation.

Vengeance as the causal motivation

striving forth in a bloodlust

which must be sated.

This outcome fated

and foretold by the oracles

as the years passed adding potency

to the pre-existing

passion for massacre.

The carnage will be unsurpassed

when at last

the plan finally comes to fruition.

That day is growing near

Guided by his intuition,

untouched by fear;

he is certain he’s on the right trail

and that the maelstrom

will soon ensue without fail.

The reprehensibly accountable

will surely surrender

their final breath

as meager compensation.

Their payment, their death;

suitable justice for their part

in the quartering

of an innocent

still beating heart.


2 responses to “Unbreakable

  1. Intense. Fight the good fight and may you win.

  2. I’ve got your back Mr Poet….locked and loaded….ready for the fight!

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