You give unconditionally

Physically and emotionally

A positive energy accepted willingly

Though somewhat hesitantly

Because I’m not accustomed to this

Level of complete selflessness

And as a result I feel a bit remiss

In my present state of thoughtlessness

Verging on undeserving

You give when faced with opposition

That approaches you unswerving

Remaining flexible in your position

Yet never viewing it as unnerving

Just as a compromised condition

In relations worth preserving

Like a pier in a tumultuous ocean

Which if it wasn’t capable of bending

Would be broken by the turbulent motion

Beyond hope of ever mending

You too, are always forgiving

Willing to forget transgressions

Accepting flaws and imperfections

As an essential aspect of living

So I hope for an increase in capacity

To maintain a level of velocity

While enhancing my tenacity

Towards achieving reciprocity

Of giving back

What’s been given to me so freely


2 responses to “Give

  1. Very brillant write Luv it<3

  2. This is quite beautiful….freely given and accepted ❤

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